My Freelance Writer Portfolio

Whether you are interested in my freelance writer portfolio or you just happen to be here by chance, why don’t you stick around and read my blog posts & articles? Some I wrote for this particular freelance writing presentation website, while others I created for my past projects.

You will find opinions about the state of the online poker industry, articles covering poker events & personalities, as well as unique NBA and NFL game reports. You’ll also find posts where the fabric of reality is mixed with a writer’s unlimited imagination, as well as two of my short fiction stories I’ve written though the years. Yes, you’ll even discover movie reviews and several articles about the Bitcoin & cryptocurrency industry published towards the end of the 2017 hype.

No matter your reason to be here, I’m sure you’ll find at least a blog post or two that will provide you with fresh insight on a particular topic or at least that will entertain you for several minutes.

Enjoy browsing through my freelance writer portfolio and don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any question concerning my work or my availability for hire.