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Finding a professional freelance writer & blogger to promote your business can be difficult, not to mention time-consuming. Freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr can help you in the process, yet once familiar with those markets, you will most likely become frustrated and even disappointed before you actually hire the perfect blog/article/website content writer.

I offer you an alternative. If you landed on my freelance writing website, then you must be looking for quality and not necessarily quantity. There is a fine distinction between creating and producing in the writing business and I always make sure I don’t cross the line. I’m first and foremost a content creator (NOT producer) seeking engagement & emotional immersion from my potential readers. I strive for writing unique blog posts, articles, and general website content by applying the basic principles of the New Journalism style: emotion, immersion, and truth over facts.

Check out my freelance writing services below.

What I Offer

Creative Writing

Well-researched, truthful & unique

Guest Posting

Reach your target with a bang

Blog Posts/Articles

Trending topics & controversial opinions

Ghostwriting Services

Pitching your book idea to the real world

Content Marketing Solutions

Engaging & call to action

Cryptocurrency Whitepapers

The Future is Here!

Topics I Usually Write About


NBA, NFL & Football aka Soccer


Poker, Casino & Specialized Payment Gateways

Motivational Stories

Your Sucess Story


Product Descriptions & Content Marketing Management

Sports Betting

Money Line, Point Spreads & Totals


Fantasy & Sci-Fi


News Reports, Financial Markets & FOREX

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

The Future Is Here!

Kindly note I’m NOT on Upwork anymore… or on any other freelancing platform for that matter. I asked for account deletion in spring of 2019 after the company behind Upwork took yet another profit-driven decision with no consideration regarding the actual hard-working freelancers. I strongly oppose such policies of basically ‘ripping off’ customers just because a company with a big market share can.

You can always drop me a line by filling the contact form below, without any use of predatory third-parties. By contacting me directly, you will save a considerable part of your business budget that would have otherwise been spent on ‘fees & commissions’ on freelancing platforms.
I will make sure to respond as soon as possible.

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